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The DERL database exists as a subset of the larger St. Thomas University Main Library catalog. It is therefore necessary to always use one of two methods listed below. This will assure that your search is limited to environmental documents.

Please read our COPYRIGHT NOTICE PAGE before you start.

Search method # 1

1)     Use either +DERM (for Department of Environmental Resources Management documents) or +ERLIB (for Environmental Resource Library documents) as a key word along with words of your own choice. Make sure to use a + sign before each word. Then click on the "SEARCH" button.

Example1: +DERM +pollution, to find documents originating from DERM about local pollution concerns.

Example2: +ERLIB +"marine environment" (phrases must be placed in quotation marks).  (By using +ERLIB, you will retrieve documents that include material from other sources besides but including DERM, including state, federal, other municipality, and private organizations.

WARNING: If you use search method #1 and type a keyword without +ERLIB or +DERM, you will be searching through the entire Main Library database. For example, if you type "pollution" by itself you will find records that include books and government publications from our print and microfilm collection, which you are welcome to visit and make use of. If you want to make sure you are always in the environmental database, use search method #2 listed below.

After you perform your key word search, you should have a "results list". Select one of the records by clicking on the title of a document; you will then see a bibliographic record. Scroll down and look for an "Online Resources" link that will take you to the digital copy of the document. *Note: sometimes you will find records that, at the moment, do not provide an online resource. This means the document is in the scanning queue and will be available soon.

Beside the "Online Resources" link, you will see subject links like these:

Subject(s): United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Oceanographic research--United States.
Marine biology--Research.

WARNING: If the subject links are used with search method #1, they will take you out of the environmental database and search throughout the entire St. Thomas University database for the subject you click on.. To prevent this, use the following second search method to lock all your searches within DERL: 

Search method # 2

   A.  Before entering your keywords, use the Set Search Limits icon toward the bottom of the screen. 
   B.  When the limits screen appears, scroll down and set "location" limits to Environmental Library.
Proceed with your search.

Using this method, you will only need to use the keyword +DERM if you want to  limit to DERM documents, otherwise the limit location feature locks you into the "ERLIB" database for all your searches.

*NOTE: to retrieve a complete list of all DERM documents, arranged alphabetically by title, use the key word DERM (case insensitive, and no + is necessary). Similar comprehensive lists can be found for ERLIB and ERVID (environmental video).

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For further information about searching, feel free to contact us at (305) 628-6667, or contact us by email.